Saving on milk

A_50_Saving on milkYes, you can save money on milk! First, buy the largest size of fluid milk that you will use in four to five days. Ounce for ounce, a gallon of milk is usually much cheaper than a half-gallon or quart. Check milk prices at discount drug stores, convenience stores, and gas stations, too – they’re often lower than grocery store prices. You can save even more by keeping a box of non-fat dry milk on hand. Non-fat dry milk costs less than fluid milk, makes a great emergency food, and keeps up to 3 years if stored tightly in a cool, dry place. When you mix non-fat dry milk according to package directions, it’s great for cooking and baking, You can also mix it half and half with fresh milk for drinking. Plan ahead and save!

Shopping at dollar stores

Close-up of a calculator and pen on top of dollar bills and coinsShopping at dollar stores is on the rise.  Like all stores that compete for your business, dollar stores are improving their safety and quality. So what about buying food there?  Consumer Reports says that for the most part, it’s a great deal.  Many dollar store chains now carry name brand foods, and some have their own brands, just like supermarkets do.  Prices are much lower than supermarkets and even compete with the biggest discount chain.  You can also get extra coupons and recall information at their websites.  But be careful as you would be anywhere.  Check packaging for dents or broken seals, and make sure the expiration date hasn’t passed.  If you try a new brand, see how it tastes before buying a large quantity.  Of course you won’t find everything you need there, but it’s one more way you can save.

Choosing where you shop

A young woman in a grocery store shopping for canned soupWhen you shop for food, choose a store that’s clean and well supplied, and that has good prices. If the store is busy, the stock will turn over quickly.  Make sure the fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats, look and smell fresh.  They’ll last longer.   Get to know your store, too.  This will help you find what you need and move through the store more quickly, so you’re less tempted to buy extras.  Try to buy bulk and non-food items like detergents and cleaning supplies at discount stores or warehouse clubs where they will cost you less. Choosing and knowing your store can save you money.

Enjoying avocados in season

A bowl of guacamole.With the Mexican avocado season in full swing, avocados are at their lowest price of the year. The type from Mexico is pear-shaped with green to black skin. Avocados ripen well at room temperature. A ripe avocado is dark green to black and feels soft but not mushy when you press on it. Once ripe, store in the refrigerator for up to a week. Avocados are high in heart-healthy fats and fiber, making them a nutritious and filling choice. When ready to eat, slice the avocado in half, then peel the skin or scoop out the flesh. Remove any bruised or brown spots. Avocado is delicious on its own, spread on bread, cubed and mixed with salsa, made into guacamole, or as a topping on tacos or fajitas. Enjoy the mellow taste and creamy texture of avocados now!