Store memberships

Customer handing membership card to supermarket cashier.Memberships at grocery stores usually come with benefits that can save you money at the store. They are especially helpful if you do most of your shopping in one place. Benefits vary from store to store, but they usually include discounts on certain items, coupons, and cash back offers. Some store memberships also offer discounts at gas stations, restaurants, and local attractions. Many grocery store memberships are free, but memberships to “wholesale clubs” such as BJ’s or Costco usually have a fee. Wholesale clubs offer items at a discount because they are sold in bulk. Remember, for memberships that have a fee, you’re only saving money if you shop there often and if you can use the large quantities that they sell. It’s not a bargain if the food spoils before you can eat it all. Next time you go to the grocery store, ask the cashier about memberships and learn how you can save!

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