Drinking tap water

A young man drinking a glass of water in a kitchenDid you know that buying 8 glasses of water a day as bottled water could cost you over $1,000 s year?  Drinking the same amount of water from your faucet is essentially free!   Nearly all city water is not only safe, but most has fluoride to help strengthen your teeth.  Not all bottled water has fluoride.    So why pay for the bottles?  Drink plenty of water from your tap.  And when you’re on the go, pack water in a re-usable bottle that is easy to clean.   Save money and give your body what it really needs – water!

Choosing snacks

A veggie platter with carrot coins, sugar snap peas, and cherry tomatoesWhat does the word “snack” mean to you?  Advertising has taught us to think of packaged foods like chips, cookies, or candy.  But a “snack” is anything you eat or drink between meals.  Next time you want a snack, think twice!  Choose foods that give your body what it needs, like juicy fruit, crisp vegetables, or low-fat yogurt.   Or make your own trail mix from your favorite cereal, dried fruits, and nuts!  You’ll get more for your money and you’ll get the nutrients you need to feel your best!

Using your resources

Take advantage of programs that your family qualifies for – school meals, WIC, and others.  School meals are one of the best ways to keep your children healthy and ready to learn.  Did you know that children who eat school breakfasts score better on tests, and have better memories and attention spans?  Encourage your child to enjoy meals at school – they offer a variety of healthy foods and help children learn. They can also save you money!

Using “Pick your Own” produce and farmers’ markets

Close-up of a person picking blueberriesSave money and enjoy the outdoors by going to a “Pick your own” farm.  There are farms all across Massachusetts that let you pick your own strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apples, and pumpkins!  Some have vegetables like salad greens or tomatoes, too.  To find a” pick your own” farm, use a computer or smart phone to search for ‘massgrown’.  That’s M A S S G R O W N.  If you don’t have a computer or smart phone, your local library has computers you can use.  Besides saving you money, they are a great way to teach children about foods and how they grow. And if you don’t have a “pick-your-own” farm nearby, then try shopping at a local farmers’ market.

Enjoying cantaloupe in season

Two cantaloupe wedgesYou can find local, Massachusetts grown cantaloupe in August and September.  Look for sweet-smelling melons with no soft spots.  Wash them before you cut them. And once they’re cut, keep them in the refrigerator for a quick, juicy treat!  Did you know that one cup of fresh cantaloupe has all the Vitamin A and Vitamin C you need in a day, with only 60 delicious calories?  Top a wedge with chicken salad for a light lunch, or with frozen yogurt for dessert.  They are also great in smoothies and fruit kabobs!