Shopping at dollar stores

Close-up of a calculator and pen on top of dollar bills and coinsShopping at dollar stores is on the rise.  Like all stores that compete for your business, dollar stores are improving their safety and quality. So what about buying food there?  Consumer Reports says that for the most part, it’s a great deal.  Many dollar store chains now carry name brand foods, and some have their own brands, just like supermarkets do.  Prices are much lower than supermarkets and even compete with the biggest discount chain.  You can also get extra coupons and recall information at their websites.  But be careful as you would be anywhere.  Check packaging for dents or broken seals, and make sure the expiration date hasn’t passed.  If you try a new brand, see how it tastes before buying a large quantity.  Of course you won’t find everything you need there, but it’s one more way you can save.

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