Making sandwiches

Apple slices and grilled chicken over lettuce in an open flour tortilla.Sandwiches make a quick, easy, and convenient meal. Here are some tips for inexpensive and healthy sandwich choices. Instead of deli meats, which are high in sodium and can be expensive, use fresh meat that you’ve cooked yourself. For example, try using leftover roast pork, sliced meatloaf, or grilled chicken on a sandwich. Salads like egg, tuna, or chicken are low-cost and easy to make, especially for a group. You can vary these salads by using different seasonings such as curry powder or chili powder. Adding fruits and vegetables is another way to vary your sandwiches, and make them even healthier. Try putting chopped red and green bell pepper in egg salad or apple slices on a roast pork sandwich. Follow these tips and enjoy healthier sandwiches today!

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