Bell peppers, onions, and summer squash on the grill.Grilling is great because: you don’t have to heat up the kitchen, cleanup is easy, and it adds a distinct flavor to your food. It’s also a healthy way to cook meat because some of the fat drips away. If the meat gets a little charred or burnt, just cut that section off before eating.  And grilling is not just for meat; vegetables and fruits are great on the grill. Good grilling vegetables include potato, summer squash, eggplant, asparagus, mushrooms, and tomatoes. For fruit, try nectarines, peaches, pears, and pineapple. Cut fruits and vegetables into thick, flat, even slices or cut smaller fruits and vegetables in half. Brush with a little oil to prevent sticking, and be sure to use separate utensils if you’re also grilling meat at the same time. Save time and eat healthy by grilling!

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