Enjoying beets in season


BeeBunched beets with greens attached.ts are a dark red root vegetable with an earthy, sweet flavor. They get their deep color from antioxidants, which may protect you from cancer and heart disease. Look for beets that are hard, with no soft spots. Sometimes beets still have the greens attached, which you can cook and eat just like other greens. The beets last for weeks loosely wrapped in plastic and refrigerated, although you should eat the greens within a day or two. When you’re ready to cook the beets, scrub them well and leave on an inch of greens to stop the juice from leaking. Be careful with the juice because it stains. To cook beets, you can wrap them in foil and bake them; peel, cut, and roast them; boil or steam them; or grate them and make a beet “pancake.” Beets are also great in salads, either raw or cooked! 


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