Packing your own lunch

A water bottle, apple, banana, and sandwich in a lunchbox.When you buy lunch, you pay not only for the food but also for the convenience and the effort to make the food. You can save money and eat healthier by packing your own lunch. First, figure out what options you have for carrying, storing, and reheating your lunch. Do you have a lunchbox? Is there a fridge and a microwave or toaster oven where you work? The answers to these questions will help you decide what kind of food you can pack. Try being creative with what you bring. For example, if you have a microwave or toaster oven then you can make a baked potato. If you want hot food but don’t have a microwave or toaster oven, you could bring it already heated in a thermos.  Or you might buy part of your lunch and bring the rest. Save money, eat better, and add variety to your lunch by packing your own!

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