Enjoying mangoes in season

A mango half, scored and inverted.It’s mango season in Central and South America, and you will start to see them on sale at your local grocery stores. Mangoes are a good source of fiber, and they are an excellent source of vitamin C – one cup of mango has more than half the vitamin C you need in a day! When buying mangoes, check for firmness; mangoes soften as they ripen. Once a mango is ripe, put it in the fridge to prevent rotting. To prepare a mango, cut each half along the flat side of the pit. Next, cut just the flesh (not the skin) into squares. Then, turn it “inside out” so the cubes of mango “pop” out. Cut or pull off the cubes and enjoy them in salsa, in fruit salads, or as a sweet, juicy snack!

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