Enjoying pineapples in season

Man trimming pineappleWhile there isn’t much “in season” right now in Massachusetts, it’s pineapple season in the Caribbean! Pineapples are juicy, sweet, a little tart, and loaded with vitamin C. Pineapples will likely be on sale at your grocery store during January and the next few months. Choose golden-colored pineapples that smell sweet, and avoid soft pineapples. To prepare a pineapple, start by cutting off the top and bottom. Next, stand up the pineapple and cut down the sides to remove the skin. Then cut it into quarters the long way; you should have four long pieces. Finally, cut out the hard center and chop or slice the remaining fruit. Enjoy pineapple as a snack, with yogurt, on ice cream, and in fruit salads, Cole slaw, and smoothies!

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